Please note

Demand for 1x50 lanes on the HiSeq is generally lower than for the 100-base runs and it may take a while for us to have enough orders to fill a flow cell.


We are now offering MiSeq runs as well. Prices for HiSeq lanes remain the same for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

HiSeq 1x50 lanes are now offered instead of 1x36, at the same price.


We currently offer three types of runs:

Run type Machine Read length Price ($)
Single end HiSeq 50 bases 1400
Single end HiSeq 100 bases 1600
Paired end HiSeq 2x100 bases 2400
Single end MiSeq 50 bases 1100
Paired end MiSeq 2x150 bases 1300
Paired end MiSeq 2x300 bases 1700


Price is per lane for the HiSeq, and per run for the MiSeq.