The Sequencing Service Center (SSC) allows the Stanford community to access cost-effective high throughput sequencing, performed at the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine. Our goal is to facilitate small to medium-sized projects that are best served by modest numbers of sample submissions from individual users, and that are billed on a per-lane basis.


The SSC accepts standard libraries prepared by the user (see Offerings and Prices tab). By federal rules, a service center can only offer the advertised services, so our flexibility in terms of sequencing parameters is limited. Also note that we need to fill whole runs of the same type and read length, so we only offer the most common combinations of sample type and read length.


At this time we can only accept samples from Stanford researchers. Samples from collaborators can be accepted via the collaborating Stanford lab, but the account to be billed has to be a Stanford account.


Libraries to be sequenced are submitted at the School of Medicine. Because library construction is still a challenging process with plenty of potential pitfalls, users are asked to seek advice from experienced peers and neighbors, and to talk to us early in their planning (see Contact tab).