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Quantitative Enrichment of Sequence Tags: QuEST

QuEST is a Kernel Density Estimator-based package for analysis of massively parallel sequencing data from ChIP-seq experiments.

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QuEST Downloads

Software Package
QuEST 2.4
(gzipped tar that includes readme, Oct 5 2009)

QuEST test data (BIG FILES)
(gzipped text, 120.2 Mb, Mar 11 2008)
Control (input) Data
(gzipped text, 271.4 Mb, Mar 11 2008)
Genome table
(gzipped text, small, Mar 11 2008)

Original QuEST Paper
Online at Nature Methods

QuEST data from the paper (BIG FILES)
Peak calls in QuEST format (text, small files, Aug 18 2008)
NRSF polyclonal
NRSF monoclonal
ChIP data (gzipped text, >100 Mb, Aug 18, 2008)
GABP (same as test data above)
NRSF polyclonal
NRSF monoclonal
Control (input) Data (gzipped text, 271.4 Mb)